Based in New York City, I am a longtime photographer shooting actors, dancers, singers, recording artists, personalities, models, executives, kids, families and live events. As a cinematographer and videographer, I shoot web commercials, mini-docs, industrials, "expert" and instructional videos, dramatic scenes, live music and events. My passions of music, travel, hiking & biking... a past career as a professional musician... an educational background in engineering... and being surrounded by a family of artists and musicians... all influence my photographic vision. After all these years of shooting, I still really love photography and feel excited every time I prepare for a session and pick up my camera.

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Music and Editorial Photography

Corporate Advertising and Executive Headshot Photography


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Video scenes --- dramatic scenes for actor demo reels, videoINTRO "talking headshot", audition submission videos, dating site intros and corporate video resumes

Commercial videos --- fashion/music videos, web commercials, industrials as well as multi-cam "expert" and instructional videos

Live events --- coverage video/photography of fashion shows, concerts, showcases, corporate events, weddings, engagements, Sweet16 and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs parties

We also provide video editing services of existing footage for projects you have already shot.


*** On phone/tablet... click "maximize" box in lower right corner of video player screen or visit... [ direct YouTube video link ]

*** On phone/tablet... click "maximize" box in lower right corner of video player screen or visit... [ direct YouTube video link ].  :  Rates start at $150.



HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHY  for actors, dancers, singers and musicians. We also produce dramatic video scenes for actor demo reels, videoINTRO "talking headshot", audition submission videos and provide video coverage of showcases and concerts.  :  Rates start at $150.



PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY  for families, couples, kids including some Black & White images. We also produce dating site intros, corporate video resumes and provide video coverage of weddings, engagements, Sweet16 and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs parties and corporate events.  :  Rates start at $150.



MUSIC AND EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY  for agencies, magazines and performing/recording artists. We also produce fashion/music videos, web commercials and industrial videos.  :  Rates start at $150.



CORPORATE ADVERTISING AND EXECUTIVE PORTRAIT  photography for corporate entities. We also produce web commercials, industrial videos, corporate resume videos and provide video coverage of corporate events.

We do not publicly display executive photos on our open website but if you leave us a message using our contact page, we will send you a link to a private page showing past executive portraits/headshots.

These images below are from an corporate advertising campaign for  P I X 1  1  /  W P I X T V  in New York City featured on billboards, buses, TV commercials and online. ( ***Retouching and image manipulation by the WPIX graphics department. )  :  Rates start at $150.




$300 to $400 ∙∙∙ full featured photography & video sessions

$150 to $250 ∙∙∙ discounted photo & video sessions offered one day each week for those on a budget

FREE SHOOT ∙∙∙ just refer 2 people that shoot with us and you will receive a free session (even if you didn't shoot with us before)

FREE SHOOT ∙∙∙ beginning in April and each month thereafter, we will give away a free session to one of our social media followers - links and details will be provided here soon

Please contact us for a complete listing of all rates and shoot descriptions.




Please say hello using the contact form below. You may also call  ( 6 4 6 ) 5 3 5 - 1 2 7 0  if you prefer (text messages are blocked to avoid spam). We look forward to working with you and building a long lasting relationship.

Best Regards... Chris


http://  :  Rates start at $150.

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